What is the big game show?

We host live game show experiences where your people serve as both contestants and the audience. Our show is fast-paced, high-energy, and we involve lots of people.

At most of our shows, we play a series of five or six games. Some games are played on stage (or up front), while we also play a game or two that gives everyone in the audience a chance to win.

We customize shows by incorporating your graphics and/or information about your organization. We customize as much or little as needed for your purposes, with the bulk of the of the content being general knowledge and pop culture questions.


What We're About


Giving back is an important part of our mission at The Big Game Show. A percentage of each sale goes directly towards supporting two organizations making a positive impact in the world. The Lighthouse Family Retreat serves families walking through childhood cancer, while The 410 Bridge serves the needs of many underprivileged people around the world. Click the logos for more information.


How We Started

In 1995, the founders of The Big Game Show (Dan Roberts and Reggie Sumpter) each moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Dan landed a job doing instructor-led training, while Reggie developed computer-based interactive training. The two became friends while getting involved at a large church. The next thing you know, they were regularly in front of large crowds every week giving announcements and engaging people with humor. Both also taught classes at the church.

One weekend, Dan was hoping to get creative with a lesson and asked Reggie for help by developing software that functioned like a game show. Reggie did, Dan’s lesson was a hit, and in the months to come Reggie created more games. It worked so well they decided to host a “Game Show Night” at the church. The rest, as they say, is history.

They developed more games as time went on, and the product eventually evolved into what is known as The Big Game Show, now with six hosts. All of the hosts have the same passion: having fun while letting people shine.

While based in Atlanta, TBGS travels all over—to conferences, year-end parties, team-building meetings … anywhere, really—to get people smiling and laughing as they get to know one another.

So far, so fun.